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This is the malicious quiz my sister posted on my space
Me Dec 09

When confronted she claims she was talking about another sister she has. Unfortunately that sister has an initial that begins with T. So you can see where Im coming from. I know sick people tend to *block out* certain things but I think in this case, she is using that as a way for ppl to overlook her dirty deeds. SHe knows and remembers exactly what she says and does. When confronted with proof she lies to make herself the good guy/poor victim being attacked by the big bad sister and me the mean selfish bitch. I was told that she acts this way because she cant stand that I am a better person or trying to be and she wants desperately to be that way but cant(jealous?) Im not sure, I find it hard to believe having been treated as poorly by my family and past realtionships that anyone could ever be jealous of me in anyway.
Here is the link if you are interested:,%20%22from%22:%22NQA%22%7D 
She also created a super tag and entiled me as a super bitch which I deleted. Than wrote a comment saying dont trust your sister she will stab you in the back and use you to get what she wants(this was deleted just yesterday from her profile along with other incriminating things). I was smart I made printouts of the things she has done for future refernce. Im not a rocket scientist but everything she pretty much accuses me of, is exactly what she is either doing herself or has done towards me and others.
I have tried very hard to not think about the things she does and says but sometimes it is impossible when you come on the interent and its staring you in the face for the whole world to judge you by. They listen to her crying but dont think to ask me what my side is. The thing that breaks my heart the most is the fact that I once thought of her as my best friend. She was not only family. She was the one person I thought above everyone I could always count on. I try to think back to why she would turn on me and why. She can blame it on the fact that I sold my share of the family farm but it started long before that and I dont know why. She is too selfish and only thinks of herself to come out with the reason. I have several. The fact that she was going behind my back and telling me ex things about my life that was none of his business(considering there is a PFA on file) is just one. When I did get the deed to the farm in my name she was constantly trying to stop me from building there. Everytime I tried to do something to get my house built she would tell ppl she owned it. She even went as far to try to sell firewood to someone and keep the money claiming it belonged to her. She claims I owe her money.(I have canceled checks) She claims she paid my portion of the bills when in reality she used money I gave her to pay those bills which means I paid my share and hers. She threatened a logger I tried to hire to get rid of this wood over the phone(with bodily and property damage threats). Her husband couldnt figure out why this guy wouldnt return his phone calls.(gee) Whenever I tried to talk to someone about something and they thought she was involved I wouldnt get results. When I said its just me than they would talk to me. Not hard to figure out now is it. When I tell ppl these things they brush it off, and I know what they are thinking Im just making this stuff up because Im pissed at her or Im trying to be a bitch and get revenge but Im not. Its the truth, and I have written proof. I have several returned birthday and christmas cards with nasty comments. Oh yeah she even wrote she moved and left no forwarding address on one(LOL). How blind do you have to be to not see what I do? I just dont get why her husband and kids tolerate this behavior and allow her to get away with it. If I thought for one minute they would honstly listen to what I had to say and believe me I would ask that we confront her. Hiding behind her behavior is just enabling it to get worse. I believe if confronted by the right ppl she could be persuaded to get real help. I could go on all day about her diferent behaviors. like when 6 years ago she came up with the I have MS health issue. i didnt beleive it because I know someone who does and she had none of even one of their symptoms. I kep telling ppl I knew she doesnt have it. i think she has something mental going on. Guess what? a cpl months ago, all of a sudden she is cured of MS and now has parkinson disease. Clearly my constant confronting of her fake illness hit a nerve, she had to make up a new one to get ppl's sympathy and have an escape goat for her menatlly ill  behaviors. I would welcome comments and suggestions as to how to handle what she says and does from you. I have noticed when I post things on my space that she doesnt like that is the truth she gets very defensive. Are we scared perhaps?


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